Many children have benefited from working on a curriculum tailored to their needs, supported by skilled and dedicated tutors. Not only have they gone on to have academic success, they have done so with great learning habits that will support them through life.

Core Subjects

Tuition Club provides tuition for students from Year 1 to GCSE. Students are taught methods based on the national curriculum. We aim to complement and support their school education. Each student has a unique lesson plan & works at their own pace guided by the tutor. Goals are set and monitored with weekly feedback to parents. We can supply either English, Maths and Science lessons depending on individual requirements.



Cover all aspects of Maths, Problem Solving & Exam Prep.


Cover all aspects of English Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation & Writing.


Cover all aspects of biology, chemistry, and physics. Students are taught methods, processes, and uses of science to develop scientific knowledge and understanding.